Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our Bag Full of Books {3rd Edition}

Every week, we come home from the library with a bag full of books.  Some books are new, some books are old, and some are books that we have checked out repeatedly.  Every week, a few stick out for various reasons.  I share them in hopes that you'll find some new ones to enjoy with your family.  :)

The Perfect Nest

Written by Catherine Friend
Illustrated by John Manders

Published in 2007
Jack is a cat who is hungry for an omelet.  He devises a plan to build a comfortable and perfect nest that will attract a chicken.  After the chicken lays the egg, he will be able to make his omelet.  The first part of his plan works!  Not only does a chicken come along and lay an egg, but a duck and a goose each do, as well!   The only problem is that none of them want to leave the nest, and fight for the right to sit in it.  By the time Jack finally gets them to leave the nest so he can make his omelet, the eggs hatch and he is left with a baby chick, a baby duck, and a baby goose who all think he is their mama.  No matter where he hides, they are sure to find him.  It is a good thing he has built a perfect nest to curl up with them in.

This has become one of our favorites.  Clever story told with delightful illustrations.  Fun to read aloud with the French and Spanish accents of the chicken and the duck.  

Perfect for: Preschool/Early Elementary
My Rating: 5/5

When the Cows Got Loose

Written by Carol Weis
Illustrated by Ard Hoyt

Published in 2006

Ida Mae's family is not your ordinary family, and they do not have an ordinary bunch of cows.  When all 26 cows get loose, it is Ida Mae's job to round them up.  She hops onto her zebra and heads out to find them.  Some are found juggling cabbages, while others are found synchronized swimming.  Six were found up in a car in a tree and some are caught tightrope walking on a clothesline.  The adventure continues until all 26 are back home.

This book is full of imagination and laughs.  Each illustration contains wild antics of either Ida Mae's family (whose house is a fun house) or her talented bovines.  Ida Mae's life is one big circus.  

Perfect for: Preschool/Early Elementary
My Rating: 4.5/5

Three Bears in a Boat

Written and Illustrated by David Soman

Published in 2014

Three little bears break their mother's beautiful seashell while she is out, and are on a quest to find one to replace it.  They get in their sailboat, and after seeking the advice of other sailors, sail until they find an island to search.  They look underwater, in a cave, and on a mountain, but cannot find one.  Discouraged, they climb back in the boat, and end up in the middle of a storm. They finally pull up on their own shore, and find a beautiful blue seashell.  Mama Bear lovingly welcomes them home.

The storyline of this picture book isn't my favorite, and it didn't really grab the attention of my kids, but the illustrations are amazing.  It is worth checking it out from the library just to see the illustrations.  I wouldn't be surprised if this one won a Caldecott.

Perfect for: Early Elementary
My Rating:4/5

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