Friday, January 15, 2016

Hubert's Hair-Raising Adventure

Hubert's Hair-Raising Adventure

Written and Illustrated by Bill Peet


Bill Peet ranks as one of our family's favorite authors and illustrators.  Peet worked at Disney for 27 years, working as an artist and screenwriter, and as such, his illustrations remind one a lot of early Disney cartoons.  Hubert's Hair-Raising Adventure (published in 1959) was his first of 35 children's books, and has all the elements of a classic picture book.

Hubert, a very conceited lion, is sharpening his claws on a rock when a spark from his nails causes his mane to catch on fire.  By the time the fire is extinguished, he is as bald as bald can be.  Hubert tries to hide to avoid any of the other animals from discovering the situation, but nosy Hornbird can't resist a good juicy and flies in to get all of the details.  Before long, all of the animals have heard and are there to help poor Hubert.  After much thought, Elephant remembers a cure that just might work, and sets off to collect the only ingredient needed: crocodile tears.  

To Elephant's dismay, the mean and crafty Crocodile has no intention of sharing anything.  On hearing the story of how Hubert lost his hair, Crocodile is rolling on the ground with laughter and shedding tear after tear!  Elephant quickly collects the tears and takes them back to Hubert to let them work their magic.  Hubert rubs the crocodile tears on his head, but no one is quite prepared for what happens as a result!

Classic characters, amusing story line and illustrations, and perfect rhyming have made this book one that everyone enjoys reading time and time again.  

Perfect for:  Early Elementary, Late Elementary
My Rating:  5 stars (We loved it enough to add it to our personal library!)

Interesting Fact:  Bill Peet did all of the storyboards for both The Sword in the Stone and 101 Dalmations.  For more information on Bill Peet, visit here.  
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  1. This looks like so much fun!

  2. Loving a book enough to add it to your personal library speaks volumes. We get so many of our books from the library that we only purchase our favorites. We would love for you to link up this post with us at the Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup #LMMLinkup