Monday, January 12, 2015

Our Bag Full of Books {2nd Edition}

Every week, we come home from the library with a bag full of books.  Some books are new, some books are old, and some are books that we have checked out repeatedly.  Every week, a few stick out for various reasons.  I share them in hopes that you'll find some new ones to enjoy with your family.  :)

The Very Cranky Bear

Written and Illustrated by Nick Bland
Published in 2008

Four animal friends (Moose, Lion, Sheep, and Zebra) find a cave to hide from the cold and play a card game.  Unfortunately, they discover that the cave is occupied by an incredibly cranky bear!  In an effort to cheer him up, Moose, Lion, and Zebra decorate the sleeping bear with the physical characteristics that make them happy (antlers, stripes, and a mane).  Needless to say, bear is even crankier when he wakes up and discovers his new garb.  Bear tells sheep that he just wants a place to get some sleep.  Sheep very kindly sheers off all of her wool to make a pillow for the bear.  As he peacefully sleeps, the rest of the animals are able to continue with their play.

The first time I read this story, I laughed out loud at the illustrations.  There is an image of bear storming out of the cave with a grass mane, mud stripes, and branch antlers that I love.  Adorable and lovable characters with an incredibly sweet solution.

Perfect for: Preschool/Early Elementary
My rating: 5/5

Mix it Up

by Herve Tullet
Published in 2014

Mix it Up is created by the same author as Press Here.  In both books, Herve Tullet masterfully creates an interactive experience with young readers that has them not only participating in the story, but giggling and laughing while doing so.  In this book, readers explore primary colors and secondary colors.  Readers smoosh pages together, rub colors together, and tilt the book to get colors to mix.  When they turn the page, the colors have mixed.  He also explores what happens when white and black are mixed in with colors.

We love both Press Here and Mix it Up.  Both have gotten giggles and requests for additional readings.  They work best as a read aloud for an individual or for a couple of children.  

Perfect for:  Toddlers/Preschool
My rating: 5/5

Activity:  After reading the story, it is absolutely imperative to pull out red, yellow, and blue paint to have a color mixing experiment!

Happy reading!


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