Friday, February 28, 2014

Perfect Picture Book Friday: Pouch!

by David Ezra Stein
(Nancy Poulsen Books, 2012, Fiction)
Perfect for 1-2 year olds

Opening: "When he was a brand-new kangaroo, Joey lived in the pouch.  Until one day...he peeked out and saw the world, and his mama smiling down at him"

Brief Synopsis:  Joey is a young kangaroo who decides he wants to get down and hop.  He takes a couple of hops and meets a bee.  Joey is so frightened that he yells, "POUCH!" and hops back to his pouch.  He soon wants to hop again and hops three times before he meets rabbit.  He again yells "POUCH" and hops back into his mother's pouch, only to want to hop again.  The story continues in the same fashion until he meets another joey kangaroo.  "POUCH!" they both yell, but laugh together at the thought that they were afraid of each other.  They've each found a new friend. 

Why I Like It:  I love the simplicity of the book.  There are few words, but the illustrations carry the story.  The repetitive nature and the theme of the story are perfect for the littlest of readers.  The crayon and watercolor illustrations are very soft and give a youthful feel to the book.  Absolutely adorable in text and picture. 

Resources:  Check out the making of the book here.


  1. Enjoyed the post and the link to the author's page about making the book.

  2. I love David Ezra Stein's illustrations. Along with a fun and simple story about taking first steps, the illustrations must be stunning. Love the book cover.

  3. This looks a ton of fun for littluns.

  4. I can just picture a toddler all snuggled up with mom and enjoying this book. Pouch!

  5. Looks like a cute one. We recently discovered Roly Poly Pangolin by Anna Dewdney. Different animals, similar story. Cuteness all around.