Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ed Emberley's FunPrint Drawing Book

Ed Emberley's Complete FunPrint Drawing Book
Perfect for Ages: 4 on up

Have you ever heard of Ed Emberley?  Well, he kind of has a corner on the market when it comes to children's drawing books.  His drawings are simple and his steps are easy to follow, making it a perfect combination for all ages wanting to learn how to draw.  That is why I was excited to find this book at our library.  You make a fingerprint with either an ink pad or watercolors, and then add details with a pen to make a large variety of pictures.

We pulled it out and spent the entire afternoon making fingerprints and adding the details to make Ed's fun creatures.  I had fun, my preschooler had fun, and my toddler had fun fingerpainting.

My preschooler's dog, duck, and bunnies.
My toddler's interpretation.  :)

Simple lines, fun pictures, and inexpensive materials.  Perfect.  I can't wait for our copy of the book to come in the mail!

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  1. What a fun book! They did a great job and I'm loving the inexpensive supplies!