Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

by Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger lives in a town of proper animals who never smile and always dress and act as proper can be.  Until Mr. Tiger decides to go wild.  Mr. Tiger is sick of living a proper life, and against the approval of his friends, takes drastic measures to live a much happier life.  He is asked to head into the wilderness after he takes off his stiff suit and is without clothes.  Mr. Tiger loves the freedom of the wilderness, but misses his friends.  When he comes back to town, he finds a little bit more color and life than he did when he left.

For an activity packet full of activities, head here.  You'll find a mask, stick puppets (along with scenery), and a matching game.  All activities are perfect for having children retell the story in their own words or act it out.

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