Monday, September 29, 2014

Reading Motivation {Free Printables!}

Our library always has an amazing summer reading program set up, and our little family has an extraordinary amount of motivation when it comes to pulling out piles of books and devouring them while the program is running.  Now that I have an independent reader and summer is over, I wanted to find a fun way to continue that motivation and give him a goal to work towards.  Hence, the gumball machine.  For every book that he either reads to me or finishes independently, he gets to put a gumball on the machine.  When the machine is filled {50 books!}, he gets a reward.  Around our house, the reward is in the form of a date and he gets to choose the activity.  Not only is he excited and reading, but I get to look forward to a date with a cute little gentleman!

I've uploaded the images that I have created so you can print them off if you would like.  In order to print them, right-click the two separate images and save them to your computer.  You can then upload them to your favorite photo center.  Since I wanted this to be something that we could do over and over again, I added velcro dots to the white gumballs in the machine and the colored gumballs.  For some reason, it is the simple things that help us keep plugging towards our goals, and in this case it is seeing a little machine fill up with colorful gumballs!

Happy reading!


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