Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Bear's Song

We usually have at least one library book that is pored over each week, and this week it was The Bear's Song.  I would buy each and every one of you a copy of this book if I could.  Just so you could see the illustrations.

The Bear's Song
by Benjamin Chaud
Perfect for 3-5 years old
(Chronicle, 2013)

Originally published in France by the title Une chanson d'ours, The Bear's Song has a very European {and elegant} flair.  I love how everything about this book feels French.  Characters, scenery, and style of illustrations.

Papa Bear has settled down for hibernation, but Little Bear has honey on his mind and follows a honeybee in hopes of finding a sweet treat.  Papa bear wakes up to find Little Bear missing!

Little Bear follows the bee from the woods to the city and into the opera house.   Papa Bear ends up falling onto the stage in the opera house right during a performance!  He decides to sing a bear lullaby in hopes of finding Little Bear, but it has a slightly alarming effect on humans.  Check it out to see what happens.

The book is oversized (approximately 14 in. x 9 in.) and each page spread features an intricate illustration of  Papa Bear's search for Little Bear.   Readers get to look for Papa Bear, Little Bear, and the bee on each spread.

So, if you might be interested in a look-and-find with beautiful European illustrations AND an adorable bear family, I highly recommend this one.

I did stumble across a book trailer for the sequel, As Ferias Do Poqueno Urso, which was published in May 2013 in France.  I'm *hoping* that it is translated, as well!

Happy reading!



  1. I'm loving those illustrations! Can't wait to pick up a copy to find out what happens! :)

    1. I think you'll love it! Cutest little bears ever! :)